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Timeguard LED200PIRB 2x 8W LED Energy Saver PIR Floodlight - Black

Introducing the new range of LED outdoor lighting from Timeguard. They give instant brightness just like halogens but they are under half the size – and using a fraction of the power. Meet the next generation of Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting.


Powerful 2x 8W Energy Saving PIR LED Floodlight – equivalent to 200W incandescent lighting with only 10% of the running costs*.


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Saving Energy Online - Low Cost energy Saving Parts

Saving Energy Online is the home of low cost energy saving supplies, with thousands of products available at discount prices - prices hard to find elsewhere. We are energy saving wholesaler and supplier to businesses and individuals across the UK, and are able to offer such low prices......

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Solar panels for your home and more

Saving Energy Online is here to help you do exactly what you'd expect, save energy and money using our website to get the best deals on
environmentally friendly products like solar panels for your home.
As well as DIY solar panels we also stock technical components like  and wireless electricity monitors.
We have everything from low energy light bulbs to DIY solar panel kits to allow you to lower your energy bills and help the environment.

DIY solar panels & Solar Inverters

With prices for DIY solar panels and DIY solar panel kits coming down in the last few years it is easier and more cost effective than ever to
add solar panels for your home. Solar inverters are a key component of any solar PV system and can be daunting to replace but with our great
prices at least buying one isn't scary. We also stock wind turbines, a great range of energy saving bulbs and even solar powered toys.
Solar inverters are a key component in any solar panel system. Their job  is to convert the DC electricity into AC making it usable in your 
domestic electrical circuit. They also perform other valuable jobs like  squeezing the maximum power out of your PV solar panels and protecting
against islanding.

LED Flood Lights

We stock a variety of different LED flood lights with different features to suit your needs, from the guaranteed long life
energy saving brands such as Timegaurd and Deltech's shatter resistant lights. LED flood lights are excellent for saving energy and they
are used worldwide throughout homes. They provide a higher light quality, which can improve your home security if they have movement sensors.
Please take a look at the products we stock and see if we can help you find something to suit your needs today.
Please browse the shop and if you have any problems finding what you want or need to ask us a question call 01250 316416 or
use our handy online contact form